Let yourself experience the nature and travel through time. Iron Gate is the biggest natural and archaeological museum on the open ground in Europe. Danube flows through 10 countries and the most attractive part is Iron Gate. It is composed of 4 gorges and 4 valleys. In here Danube is the widest, narrowest and deepest. A series of fortresses along both river banks testify of 2,000 years of its strategic military importance.

Tour is starts at the arranged place, and then we continue to Viminacium,  a camp of the legion on Roman Danube border and also the capital of the province Moesia Superior. The city at its peak had 40,000 inhabitants, who made it one of the biggest cities in the world of that time. Local guide will tell us about 6 centuries long history of the city as we look at the remaining parts of the mausoleum of one emperor, the amphitheatre, Roman thermae and the reconstruction of the Roman villa. We will visit the park dedicated to one million years old skeleton of mammoth that was discovered here.

After two hour tour of Viminacium, road takes us further to Iron Gate where we have a lunch break and then we continue to Lepenski Vir. That is an important Mesolithic archaeological site dated between 9,500 and 6,000 BC. Archaeological culture of Lepenski vir is famous for Trapezoidal buildings and sculptures carved from round sandstone cobbles found on the river banks. Those 9,000 years old sculptures are important because they represent the first appearance of the monumental sculptures in European history.

Next stop is the special scenic overlook with one of the most beautiful views of the gorge. After enjoying the views we will start our trip back to Belgrade, and arrive there in the evening.