If you want a different experience of our Capital, then Zemun is the right choice. This is almost  a separate town inside the City of Belgrade. Life and architecture are a lot different. Only a hundred years ago they were on the different borders of the two big empires, and today in Zemun you can still feel the atmosphere of the Austrian Empire. Life here is more peaceful than in the Belgrade city centre and that’s why Zemun is famous for its restaurants and taverns. Time here is running slower, and people from Zemun are very proud of their roots and still consider Zemun a separate town from Belgrade.

We will start the tour at the arranged point and drive from there to the center of Zemun. From the center, we’ll walk pass a famous green market on the river side of Danube, and then we’ll continue by the Nikolajevska Church, the oldest church in Belgrade, and  climb the small hill of Gardoš, the most famous part of Zemun. From the Millennium tower you can have one of the most beautiful views of Belgrade. After this symbol of Zemun, a nice walk will take us through the streets from the 19th century to White Bear, the oldest house in Belgrade, the old Synagogue, the Franciscan Monastery and the Zemun park, a place where there was border quarantine between Austria-Hungary and  the Ottoman Empire.